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Use your own picture urinal cake kit
3 Pak now just $21.95!

Urinal Gags and Jokes - Politics, Sports, People, Occassions...

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Sports Team Urinal Screens

Pee on the sports team logo produced in the full color version of your supplied art. Yankee's, Red Sox - make your own -

Upload your sports team logo - custom urinal screens ...


Gag Gifts

A birthday or bachelor party prank that gets right to the target. Make the event one that no one will forget. Good fun with your buddies- go for it! Guaranteed laughs and memories. Ex-wives, bosses, the new hubby - whatever would make a great gag gift item. Limited only by your imagination.

It's easy to make your own personalized gag right here at Pee Pee Face - Get started now and make your own gag gift ...


Political Gag Gifts

Politics in the men's room. When the debate gets heated you now can present the ultimate in political expression sure to fire up controversy. Don't just say it on a T-Shirt or Bumper Sticker,,,
DO IT! This season is all about HILLARY CLINTON and DONALD TRUMP!

Political urinal gag gifts - the time has come!

Business Advertising

From Pizza to Financial Capital, PeePeeFace Personalized Urinal Cakes deliver the message up close. Reach late night partiers to buy your snack - Pizza after hours - you know they're hungry!

Office buildings are full of financially mined men. Why not remind them of on option they should consider.

Bathroom advertising is the best place to capture a captive audience - That's focused marketing one on one!




Public Service Announcements


Don't drink and drive, Designate a driver, Remember to wash hands, Safety first - Whatever message an organization needs to deliver as a public service reminder. PeePeeFace Personalized Urinal Cakes™ offer the focused messaging platform that is guaranteed to be seen at better than average time - every time!
See public service announcements ...